19" EC-7 BMW M2 Wheels

19″ EC-7 BMW M2 Wheels Production Samples Are Here

This week we received our first official set of sample wheels for the M2 Competition Group Buy. We have been incredibly excited to finally have the chance to show these stunning EC-7 wheels off to the community, and today we are delighted to present some of the outstanding edits from our latest photo shoot.

Our goal heading into the testing phase for the M2 Competition was to validate our fitment, and to determine what modifications may be needed when using a very aggressive tire compound on the F87. In this write-up, we will take you through our testing process, giving you a behind the scenes glimpse into what it takes to bring these purpose-built wheels to production. We are thrilled at the way these new M2 Competition specific wheels turned out, and look forward to seeing them in the wild in the foreseeable future.

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Competition Stock Wheels:

The M2 Competition was released with the 19” 788M wheels in the following fitment:

Front: 19×9” ET29
Rear: 19×10” ET40

Though this fitment is a great improvement over a standard 2 series, they are not designed to maximum the potential tires that can be used on this car, leading to better performance. With the massive torque of the new S55 engine, wider tires are needed to properly put that power to the ground. The stock 19×9” and 19×10” wheels are not wide enough to properly support the side wall of 265/30-19 and 295/30-19 tires, which is our recommended size for this chassis.


M2 Competition Stock Brake Clearance:

The release of the M2 Competition brought many improvements over the standard M2, including new brakes. BMW released the M2C with the new monstrous 2NH 400mm front/380mm rear factory big brake setup, making it impossible to use 18” wheels.

When reviewing the stock 788M 19” wheels, we found that even though they do clear the brakes, clearances do appear to be quite tight. The F8X M3/M4 with the carbon ceramic brakes did have a similar issue, and some customers did experience small debris or a larger rock becoming lodged between the caliper and the wheel. Our goal with the 19” EC-7 wheels was to improve this brake clearance.


APEX 19” EC-7 M2 Fitment:

Our new 19” EC-7 wheels feature the following fitment for the M2 and M2 Competition:

Front: 19×9.5” ET28
Rear: 19×10.5” ET45

Our original plan was to mimic our current 18” FL-5 fitments for the M2; 9.5” ET28 & 10.5” ET40. However, after further research and feedback from the community, we ultimately decided to change the rear offset to ET45. This small changed moved the rear wheels inboard by 5mm, still allowing proper inner clearance while accommodating aggressive 295 rear tires without the need to modify the car. The end result is a fantastic fitment, specifically tailored to run 265/30-19 and 295/30-19 tires.

We chose to test these wheels with aggressive Toyo R888R tires, to showcase what the fitment will look like when running a track focused R-compound. Up front, the 19×9.5” ET28 paired with 265/30-19 tires is quite aggressive and a touch of negative camber is recommended to avoid rubbing under compression. However, many drivers running a street focused tire, such as a Michelin Pilot Sport 4S, may be able to use this fitment with minimal adjustment to their alignment. The rear 19×10.5” ET45 is perfectly suited for the 295/30-19 tires, and is a direct fit in most cases.

This fitment is a great solution for those looking to maximize their performance, while having a spacerless fitment that sits flush in relation to the fenders.


APEX 19” EC-7 M2 Brake Clearance:

The EC-7 wheels has been known to provide some of the best brake clearance in the industry, with our 18” wheels clearing even the massive Brembo 380mm BBK. This brake clearance extends to our 19” wheels, which clear the new 2NH brakes on the M2 Competition even better than the stock 788M wheels.

As you can see in our testing, the 19” EC-7’s provide ample brake clearance both in regards to the spokes and the barrel. By further improving this clearance over the stock wheels, you can mitigate the risk of debris or rocks damaging your calipers or your wheels.


Exterior Shots:

We love the way our Race Silver EC-7 wheels complemented the Long Beach Blue paint on this new M2 Competition. Let us know what you think of the new 19” EC-7 M2C specific fitments:

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