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Kachel Motor Company Porsche 987 Cayman Race Car with APEX SM-10 Wheels

Kachel Motor Company’s Gentleman Racer

Kachel Motor Company is back at it again, this time unleashing their 987 Cayman shop car known as “The Gentleman Racer” out onto the newly repaved roads of Club Motorsports in Tamworth, New Hampshire. Club Motorsports is a 2.5 mile track that carves through acres of wooded terrain, featuring dramatic changes in elevation and 15 turns through scenery epic enough ...

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APEX Race Parts Ford & GM Brand Manager

Cory Smetzler: Ford and GM Brand Manager, Solid Rear Axle Junkie, Pony Car Expert

Cory and I first met during our College days before I started working for APEX. We both attended Washington State University in Vancouver, WA, and found common ground in our passion for cars. While I have known Cory longer than the rest of the APEX team, our recent trip to SEMA allowed us to share some previously untold stories. During the time Cory and I spent ...

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