Camaro ZL1 1LE with 11"/12" Wheels

5ht & 6th Gen Camaro 11″/12″ Wheel Test Fitment

During development for our Camaro specific wheels, we came across a large number of enthusiasts who desired to have a direct fit 11” wide front wheel. This presented a few challenges, both on the engineering side and in terms of stuffing it all under the front fenders. We took care of the engineering challenges, so below I will outline what’s needed to make them fit on your 5th or 6th Gen non-ZL1 car.

This car pictured is a 6th Gen SS 1LE with Eibach lowering springs but an otherwise stock suspension. With the 19×11” ET11 up front and 19×12” ET41 out back, it does physically bolt onto the car but there is a bit of poke up front. Since this car currently has no additional negative camber, we can remedy this, but how? The route than many owners take is to utilize the factory camber adjustment, however there is a major downside to that. It eats up inboard wheel clearance like no tomorrow, which is imperative to have with 11” wheels up front and MRC Dampers. The much better option is to use Camber Plates which adjust camber at the top of the suspension and do not affect clearance. Camber Plates are available from Ground Control now for the 5th and 6th Gen chassis.

Due to their wider front end, these wheels are a direct fit on all 6th Gen ZL1 models as you can see below. This car has a completely stock suspension.

Now for 5th Gen owners that don’t have a Z/28, 19×11” ET11 front and 19×12” ET41 rear is possible for you too! Simply pick up a set of Z/28 flares for your ride and toss the big meats on there, nothing else required. Pictured is Andy’s 2012 SS with those flares but with 19×11” ET43 rear. As you can see, more wheel can be stuffed out back, which is exactly what the 19×12” ET41 accomplishes and would achieve a flush fit.

In conclusion, any 5th or 6th Gen owner can run the 19×11”/19×12” staggered setup with a few simple modifications for maximum performance out of their ride. Click here to order wheels for your Camaro.