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JRZ RS PRO Suspension Kit for BMW M2

Product Review: JRZ RS PRO for the BMW M2

My name is Tyler Pappas, owner of Tyspeed Automotive LLC. Thanks to APEX Race Parts, this year we had the opportunity to run JRZ’S RS PRO suspension on our race-winning F87 M2. I just wanted to take the time to briefly review my experience with this set up from a perspective of dedicated track use, backed by previous knowledge and experience with tracking BMW platforms, and also with the full technical support of a larger organization behind the effort, which was really helpful in extracting the best set up on this car. Shop custom JRZ Suspension Kits for your car. To paint a better picture this car also has: – Full race suspension including either spherical or hard poly bushings – Dinan Sway bars (to be swapped over the winter) – Ground Control height-jackers in the back and Ground Control Race front camber plates – The car is 3180 LBS with driver. – APEX FL-5 wheels (m2 specific rear fitment) with 285/30R18 Hoosier R7’s (We’ve experimented with many different tires and sizes this year…more on that another time)   Dialing in the JRZ Kit: At the beginning of the 2018 Race season after we began to work out the various […]

JRZ RS One for the BMW E92 M3

Product Review: JRZ RS One for the BMW E92 M3

My name is Ken Yip (@kppy86) and I picked up my JRZ RS One suspension kit for my E92 M3 track car through a group buy hosted by APEX on I’d highly recommend this package to anybody who is hesitant to join in the next group buy. CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE JRZ RS COILOVER PACKAGE For ~20 track days with my car, I kept running the stock EDC suspension. I thought it was pretty good – it is. However, I started really pushing the car and started to find myself riding on the bump stops all the time. While on track, this meant the car was extremely twitchy – use the whole track on corner exit would mean the rear end would snap out on me very quickly and the car took quite some time to get settled between turns. I finally decided to join the group buy when I got feedback from coaches that I either need to adapt to the soft stock suspension or upgrade. It is a night-and-day difference between my stock suspension and the JRZ system. Where apex and corner exit curbing would upset my stock suspension, the JRZ RS One shocks […]

JRZ RS Coilover Kits by APEX

JRZ RS Coilover Kits by APEX

In the market for a comprehensive suspension package featuring premium grade dampers? Our JRZ Coilover Group Buy offers fully customizable solutions to suit your specific needs, at prices the direct suspension competitors cannot touch. We urge you to compare and contrast to see for yourself! Learn what makes JRZ so special, and which damper from their RS line is best for you, click here.

What makes JRZ so special, and which damper from their RS Line is best for me?

What makes JRZ so special, and which damper from their RS Line is best for me?

Since APEX first released these custom suspension packages built around JRZ RS dampers, these have been the two most prominent questions proposed to our Product Experts. This is usually followed up with, “what spring rates, rear shock mounts and other accessories should I choose”. As car enthusiasts we all share a passion for a specific marque, but often times that is where common ground ends. Even within our tight knit team of car enthusiasts here at APEX, it is clear that these cars are enjoyed in different ways, and we each have different goals, opinions, and expectations on how a car should or shouldn’t be modified. This sentiment has stuck with APEX over the last 10+ years, and has been a driving force behind offering the community a wide array of wheel fitments that specifically met the diverse performance and budgetary needs of our customers. Forcing limited “cookie cutter” wheel fitments onto a diverse audience meant compromises would have to be made along the way, and that was quickly something that APEX navigated away from. In more recent years, this theme continues with our suspension solutions. APEX hand picked race proven suspension components from three industry leading manufactures to create […]