APEX Shop E46 Track Car

APEX Shop E46 Track Car – Update #1

The new APEX shop and headquarters has really come a long way since we moved in recently. We have our lifts, tire rack and workbench installed so our crew can start working on our second E46 track car. With plenty of room in our shop, we can store a few cars to borrow parts from when needed.


The Car

2002 BMW 330Ci 5-Speed
Titanium Silver on Black
139k miles


The Plan

Build a safe, fun, and reliable street/track car for the APEX crew to get as much seat time and track experience as possible if their own cars are down or otherwise not track-ready.

The build will consist of the following:
APEX 17×9” ET42 ARC-8 Wheels
– Federal 595RS-RR 255/40-17 Tires
– JRZ RS-ONE Suspension with Hyperco Springs
– Ground Control Camber Plates
– Oil Pan Baffle Installed
– Front Crossmember and Rear Subframe Reinforcement
– Every Suspension Bushing Replaced with Polyurethane
– New OE Brake Rotors, Stainless Lines, Track Pads
– All Fresh Fluids

Disassembly was easy (isn’t it always?), especially on this California-only car. Our lift and toolbox is a real treat for those of us who are used to crawling around on a cold garage floor to work on our own cars.

Assembly is reverse of removal. This stuff can only go back on one way, and you can’t get it backwards, right? We’ll find out when we come barreling into turn 2 at Laguna this June.

Ok oil, let’s keep it together. We added an oil pan baffle to keep the oil where it needs to be during track driving. Without the weld-in baffle, high g-forces in cornering can cause low oil pressure issues, and since we had the front crossmember out, we had no excuse not to drop the pan and take this preventative measure.

No torch needed, yet. Having the correct tools and knowledge makes the whole process quite simple. Sorry East-coasters, there’s literally not a speck of rust anywhere. You can practically push the bushings out by hand!

Clockwise from top left: CEO Eddy’s E30 M3, E46 330Ci donor/spares car, APEX SPEC E46.


Our First Spec E46

We have a lot of work to do before June 29th, so keep an eye out for future updates.