Drew Wadolny's Ford Mustang Race Car with 18" EC-7 Wheels

Boss 302 Race Car featuring EC-7 Wheels at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park

APEX: We couldn’t miss out on some racing action this holiday weekend. We were fortunate enough to catch up with APEX sponsored Drew Wadolny (@drewwa), driver of the Stinger Motorsport Ford Mustang race car at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park in Chandler, AZ. Drew runs a square setup of our wide 18×11″ EC-7 wheels in matte bronze. Drew, can you please fill us in on how your weekend went?

Drew: Thanksgiving weekend is something that many of us look forward to as time with our families, but for those of us in Arizona that like to drive fast, we always look forward to the “Mondo” track event with our track family at ProAutosports (@proautosports). This is a three-day event that combines two of the area’s tracks into a single 2.75-mile circuit that we only see once per year. I know this track well but having just completed some significant front suspension upgrades on the car, combined with wet weather on Thursday making the track surface very slick, I was a bit tentative going into the weekend. This car is set up for NASA ST2 (8lbs/hp power to weight ratio) but at ProAutosports I run in the “Unlimited” class and just focus on having fun. For this weekend, there were 9 cars total in the Unlimited class.

Saturday’s practice runs went well, I was easily able to match my previous personal best of a low 2:04 time around the circuit. What I needed was time to learn and trust the new suspension setup. During both of Saturday’s races, I was able to take home 3rd in class and 3rd overall, with the top two cars being both significantly lighter and more powerful (roughly 6lbs/hp). I felt pretty good about this and we got on with our evening happy hour and pot luck/trash talking session.

On Sunday, I managed to find another 3 seconds in qualifying, pushing my personal best down to 2:00, and putting the car on the front row for Sunday’s race start, within one tenth of a second of the pole sitter. I couldn’t maintain that speed through Sunday’s race, but with some skill and some luck I was able to maintain second place for all three races on Sunday. It was a great weekend out with solid performance from the car and driver, and as usual, despite my fondness for curbs, the APEX EC-7 wheels took it all in-stride.

APEX: Congratulations on a successful weekend Drew. Here are some amazing photos from the event, thanks to our photographer John Bazay (@johnbazay).


Car Highlights

APEX EC-7 18×11” ET52 in Matte Bronze
– 25mm front spacers & ¼” rear spacers
– ARP extended studs
– Michelin Pilot Sport S9M Race Slicks, Size 30/65-18
– Ford 5.0L Aluminator Engine, 470whp/395wtq
– Brembo 380mm Pro Kit with Girodisc Rotors
– Cortex JRi Double Adjustable Coilovers
– Cortex Short-Long Arm (SLA) Front Suspension
– Cortex Cambered Rear Axle
– Watts Link, Rear Lower Control Arms & Sway Bars
– APR GT250 Wing
– Tremec T56 Magnum XL Transmission
– AED 100 Octane Tune
– L&M Intake Cams
– Tiger Racing Hood
– AJ Hartman Aero Hood Vents & Canards


Photo Gallery