Brian's Chevelle with 18" FL-5 Wheels

Brian’s 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu with FL-5 Wheels

APEX: Tell us some details about yourself & your car.

Brian Coyle: My name is Brian Coyle and I am a 47 year old car enthusiast from Lancaster County, PA (Lititz is my home town). I bought my 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu fresh out of high school in 1989 when I was 18 (yeah I’ve owned it 29 years).

My Chevelle came equipped with a 350 small block, 4 barrel carb and factory 4 speed with bucket seats and console which is a bit rare for a stock non-Super Sport model. The motor wasn’t in the greatest condition when I bought it and the paint was so-so. I installed a rebuilt 350, another Muncie 4 speed to replace the boat anchor Saginaw transmission. I stripped the paint in my parents driveway and rattle can primered it. By fall of 1990 I had bought another car to daily so that I could send the Chevelle off to paint. This car has seen numerous engine combos over the years and about 7 different sets of wheels.

I have never owned a trailer (still don’t) even though it’s been a plan of mine for quite some time. I am a very budgeted car guy that worked many hours through my life to achieve what I have. It’s by far not perfect at all, and I’m ok with that.


APEX: What is your track day wheel setup?

Brian Coyle:
APEX 18×10” ET25 FL-5 Wheels in Satin Black
¾” Billet Front Spacer
Kore 3 Billet Front Hubs with 4” Wheel Studs
275/35/18 BFG Rival Tires

18×10.5” ET22 FL-5 Wheels in Satin Black
Kore 3 Billet Rear Hubs with 4” Wheel Studs
315/30/18 BFG Rival Tires


APEX: Why did you choose APEX Wheels over the rest?

Brian Coyle: I chose Apex for their look, size and decent prices compared to others I have seen. It’s hard to find a cool satin black spoke wheel that will fit my style car and utilize the tire size I can fit.


APEX: What other modifications have been done to your car?

Brian Coyle:
– Under The Hood
400 small block bored .030 over with forged pistons, balanced bottom end
.548/.560 solid cam
Tall single plane intake with an AED race carb
MSD ignition
Centerforce clutch, 5 speed
12 bolt posi with 4.11 gears and Superior axles

– UMI Performance Suspension (Sponsor) with upper tubular fronts with .09 taller ball joint, lower tubular, 1 1/4″ sway bar, 1″ frame brace, rear upper and lower tubular with roto joint ends, upper shock brace, 2″ lower springs and Viking adjustable shocks (18 rebound and compression)

– Powerstop Brake kit (Sponsor) from a 1998-2002 SS/Z28 Camaro. They are 12″ rotors with dual front, single rear piston calipers. The master cylinder is from a 1990 Dodge Caravan, the quick steering box is from a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee and the high amp alternator is from a 1985 Buick Riviera. So as you can see I research for the best working parts for my wallet to afford.

– The interior is slightly upgraded with race seats, 5 point harness, 8 point roll bar and Autometer gauges.


APEX: How did you get into track racing & for how long?

Brian Coyle: I started running autocross in 2010 in my 72 El Camino and started upgrading it to handle better. So I started competing locally in SCCA with my Chevelle along with the El Camino. I run mostly autocross events and some track events when I can. The closest track to me is New Jersey Motorsports Park. I have raced there twice now since I redid this car 3 years ago. I ran both the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car events there and placed 6th out of 13 in 2016 and 13th out of 24 in 2017.


APEX: What is your favorite memory or entertaining story from the track?

Brian Coyle: Since I’ve only ran the car at those 2 events, I only have a short favorite memory to share. It would be how proud I was that I drove my car to that event, raced it, then drove it home… all while raining! I even had it on the track in the rain (I was the only one in novice to go out). It was packed full of tools, overnight bags and race gear along with my son (16 at the time).


APEX: Where can we follow you?

Brian Coyle:
Instagram: @CHELKAMINO
Facebook: Brian Coyle (Chelkamino)