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Chip's Camaro ZL1 1LE Track Car with 19" ARC-8 Wheels

Chip’s Camaro ZL1 1LE Track Car with 19″ ARC-8 Wheels

Here is an exclusive first look at the 19×11” ET11 front and 19×12” ET41 rear wheels mounted on our friend Chip’s (@zlowzl1) beautiful ZL1 1LE. Coming in around 24lbs each, these wheels share the same size and offset of the factory ZL1 1LE wheels but at a significant weight savings. Interested in these wheels? Click here to order wheels for your Camaro. ...

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19" EC-7 BMW M2 Wheels

19″ EC-7 BMW M2 Wheels Production Samples Are Here

This week we received our first official set of sample wheels for the M2 Competition Group Buy. We have been incredibly excited to finally have the chance to show these stunning EC-7 wheels off to the community, and today we are delighted to present some of the outstanding edits from our latest photo shoot. Our goal heading into the testing phase for the M2 ...

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