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Meet The APEX Team

APEX Race Parts Ford & GM Brand Manager

Cory Smetzler: Ford and GM Brand Manager, Solid Rear Axle Junkie, Pony Car Expert

Cory and I first met during our College days before I started working for APEX. We both attended Washington State University in Vancouver, WA, and found common ground in our passion for cars. While I have known Cory longer than the rest of the APEX team, our recent trip to SEMA allowed us to share some previously untold stories. During the time Cory and I spent ...

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Meet The APEX Team: Max Kamal

Max Kamal: BMW Product Expert, E36 M3 Guru, Late Apex Extraordinaire

I started working for APEX as a BMW Product Expert in April of 2019, which is when I first met Max. What’s a better way to get to know one of your coworkers than sitting down with them for a quick blog interview? Max and I recently had the opportunity to do precisely that, which gave me the chance to learn about how his passion for cars translated perfectly into ...

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