Porsche Boxster Spyder with APEX Wheels

Daniel’s 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder with SM-10 Wheels

APEX: Tell us some details about yourself & your car.

Daniel: Hello, my name is Daniel Wray – born in UK, reside in Fountain Hills, AZ. Once my back took a turn for the worse after 2 rounds of golf a week for ten straight years I took to cars. I started a YouTube channel (D Wray’s Garage) this year to show people that anybody can work on cars and wanted to take out some of the fear and mystery of it all. I’ve done bolt-on mods galore to the Spyder as well as some regular maintenance items on a handful of other cars that have passed through the household. The car is a 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder (987.2) that I found while on the hunt for a Cayman. The Spyder was sitting on a Mercedes lot in Scottsdale and I was able to conjure up a sweet deal so I went above budget and have not regretted it one tiny, little bit.


APEX: What is your track day wheel setup?

18×8.5″ ET50 SM-10 Wheels
245/40/18 B Potenza RE71-R

18×10.0″ ET36 SM-10 Wheels
275/35/18 B Potenza RE71-R

I don’t run any spacers since the SM-10s do a better job of filling out the wells than the stock setup I had prior. I was happy to get the extra 10mm both front and back with the power increases I gained this year from mods (265 WHP to 303 WHP).


APEX: Why did you choose APEX Wheels over the rest?

Daniel: I was lucky enough to see another YouTuber – Blake’s Garage – promoting the ‘Group Buy’ and when I checked it out, the black rims I had envisioned for my car were right there and at a super price – if the deal participation reached the max discount, which it did. I got just the wheels I wanted and for a super buy – and they complete the look of the car – as the photos attest (in my eyes at least)!


APEX: What other modifications have been done to your car?

Daniel: This year I added the IPD Plenum with GT3 Throttle Body, KN Intake Filter, OEM Short Shift Kit, full SOUL valved exhaust system with Street HJS Cats and then rounded it all off with a Cobb Pro Tune.


APEX: How did you get into track racing & for how long?

Daniel: I am a total novice with both cars and racing. I was introduced to Auto-X by a colleague of mine in the summer of ’17 and it really took a hold. Since then I’ve done a handful of Auto-X, and Auto-X on full track as well as a day at the Porsche Experience Center with the 2018 GT3 and Turbo S models (putting the GT3 4.0 at the top of my wishlist – some faraway fine day…). I really have the bug now and plan on getting more seat time by adding SCCA events to my current PCA event rotation. I’ve come a long way fast in Auto-X, but the DE stuff will need a lot of work yet!


APEX: What is your favorite memory or entertaining story from the track?

Daniel: With my short history, there’s not a ton. However, last weekend, while recording during a run I did what many drivers do and knocked the windshield wiper. No great shakes, right? Well, I noticed quickly that they got stuck in the up position as they got into a mid-run wrestling match with my mounted GoPro. The fight was deemed a tie since the GoPro stayed put (albeit pointed skyward) and the wipers stuck on the mount in the up position the remainder of that lap.


APEX: How many events do you participate in each year, care to share any track results?

Daniel: I’d say right now I do 6-10 events but would like to beef that up a good bit as I get better acclimated with the sport and how to get deeper into it. I’m a solid top 1/3 out of 32 cars at PCA events, however my current point of pride is tying times with my Chicagoland buddy who came down to drive with me. Both of us rode in my car and got the same time on the same course – and he’s been top flight for many, many years. Granted he rides in a 2016 Mustang 5.0 back home, but I still got a good jolt of pride out of that one!


APEX: If you could give one tip to a new racer, what would your tip be?

Daniel: Seat time, seat time and more seat time. There’s no better way to enjoy your car, test its and your limits than in the safe(r) and controlled confines of organized racing. Don’t hesitate and don’t worry about what you drive and whether or not it’s the fastest or best looking thing out there. Your biggest limitation is your driving skills. Sharpen those up and figure out how to get your ride to match your newly developed skills later on.


APEX: Where can we follow you?

Daniel: You can follow me at D Wray’s Garage:


APEX: Do you have any clubs, shops or racing buddies you want to give a shout out to?

Daniel: Shout out to Jerry Pichman in Chicago for getting me into this and giving me great mentoring advice along the way! He’s no social media guy so I’ll pass on the props! ;^)