APEX Wheel & Tire Fitment Help

How to choose the best wheel & tire setup for your intended use

Make sure you take all of these factors (there are many) into consideration when choosing a wheel & tire setup. There’s a lot more to it than width and offset.


0:20 – APEX Chassis-Specific Fitment guides
0:31 – The 4 Fitment Categories

Things to Consider
1:21 – Suspension Setup
3:12 – Camber Plates
4:42 – Big Brake Kits & Spacers
5:59 – Wheel Diameter
7:06 – Tire Cost & Availability
7:36 – Race Class Rules

Do your research, check out our helpful Fitment Guides here.

If you need help selecting the right wheel and tire for your vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can e-mail us at support@apexraceparts.com.