Turbocharged E46 M3 with ARC-8 Wheels

Ivan’s Turbocharged E46 M3 with ARC-8 Wheels

Main Photo by @lukaszferguson

APEX: Tell us some details about yourself & your car.

Ivan: My name is Ivan Garcia and I am located in Los Angeles, California. I drive a turbocharged 2003 BMW E46 M3. My M3 features a fully custom, one-of-none, turbo kit and it has been my dream car since I was a kid. My current sponsors are my main shop which is NFA (No Fuckin Around), Clutchmasters, Carbontastic and European Auto Source. My hobbies include attending car events, racing in half mile events and enjoying the outdoors.


APEX: What is your track day wheel setup?

APEX 18×9.5” ET35 ARC-8 Wheels
245/40-18 Toyo Proxes R888R

APEX 17×10” ET25 ARC-8 Wheels
275/40-17 Toyo Proxes R888R


APEX: Why did you choose APEX Wheels over the rest?

Ivan: I really like the APEX wheels because they look very classy and almost look like they came stock on the car. Not to mention, they are priced just right. I wish that I could have every APEX wheel in different colors and just rotate them when I please hahaha!


APEX: What other modifications have been done to your car?

– Turbocharger (making 600whp+)
– Full Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
– Carbon Fiber Hood
– Carbon Fiber Trunk
– Sparco Racing Seats
– Two Digital Gauges
– The list goes on and on…


APEX: How did you get into half mile racing?

Ivan: I’ve been into cars forever and my first car was a Toyota MR2 Turbo with full bolt ons and a piggy back ECU. Eventually I picked up an EVO, followed by my M3. I have fell in love with turbos ever since my first car.


APEX: What is your favorite memory from the track?

Ivan: My favorite memory from the track is when I went up against the fastest E46 M3 in the country (maybe the world) at a Shift-S3ctor half mile event. I grew up watching his videos on Youtube, wishing to meet him one day and be fast like him. It was exciting to race him in the finals of my first half mile event where I took second place overall.


APEX: How many events do you participate in each year?

Ivan: I try to participate in 2 events per year, but I plan on attending 3 to 4 this 2019 season.


APEX: If you could give one tip to a new racer, what would your tip be?

Ivan: A tip I’d offer is to be educated on the driving line. If you have access to a simulator, get to know the track on there before racing at a new track for the first time. It was a big help for me when I went to Laguna Seca for the first time.


APEX: Where can we follow you?

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thewolfm3


APEX: Do you have any clubs, shops or racing buddies you want to give a shout out to?

Ivan: I would like to give a huge shoutout to my shop NFA @nofuckinaround for always making sure my car is running great and everyone else who has helped with my build along the way including APEX wheels.