Jason's Camaro SS 1LE with 19" ARC-8 Wheels

Jason’s Camaro SS 1LE with 19″ ARC-8 Wheels

We met up with our buddy Jason (@at_hashtag) to shoot his 6th Gen Camaro SS 1LE with our new Camaro specific 19″ ARC-8 wheels. The photos below feature our 10/11″ staggered configuration. This is a perfect direct fit, no spacers are required.

We also tested out the max effort 11/12” staggered configuration – photos and details coming shortly. Additional negative camber is highly recommended up front for proper fit, otherwise it’s a great setup.

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Wheel Setup

19×10″ ET20 ARC-8 in Anthracite
285/35/19 Bridgestone RE71R

19×11″ ET43 ARC-8 in Anthracite
305/30/19 Bridgestone RE71R



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