Shelby GT350 with 19" SM-10 Track Wheels

Mark’s Shelby GT350 with 19″ SM-10 Wheels

Our friend Mark (@markjardine) recently upgraded to a new set of SM-10 wheels for his dual duty Shelby GT350. These wheels are significantly lighter than the factory wheels and FEA optimized for a 10% higher load rating above the JWL/VIA standard. The SM-10 design is equipped with “I” beam spokes to offset as much weight as possible from where we’ve beefed up the wheel. It also features a knurled bead along the barrel that helps keep a truer balance by reducing tire slippage on the rim. The SM-10 wheel design offers exceptional brake clearance, providing double the clearance of the factory wheel for GT350 Brembo kits. We can’t wait to see this car on track.


Rotatable Square Setup

19×11″ ET52 SM-10 Wheels in Satin Black
– 305/30R19 Bridgestone RE-71R Tires
– 25mm front spacer


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