Meet The APEX Team: Max Kamal

Max Kamal: BMW Product Expert, E36 M3 Guru, Late Apex Extraordinaire

I started working for APEX as a BMW Product Expert in April of 2019, which is when I first met Max. What’s a better way to get to know one of your coworkers than sitting down with them for a quick blog interview? Max and I recently had the opportunity to do precisely that, which gave me the chance to learn about how his passion for cars translated perfectly into his role at APEX.

As a fellow BMW Product Expert, Max and I work closely to assist customers with anything and everything BMW related. Whether it be a simple question about an order or an in-depth conversation regarding the best fitment for your track-focused BMW, if you’ve reached out to APEX in the past few years, chances are high that you’ve worked with Max.

While Max is well-versed in a majority of BMW related topics, his true expertise lies with the E36 chassis. Having owned his 1997 E36 M3 Coupe for over ten years now, Max’s passion for motorsport has led to the continuous evolution of his M3 track car. Starting with an incredibly clean and stock Techno Violet example, as Max’s track experience has grown over the years, so has his M3 build. Having spent so much time with this particular chassis, Max is undeniably known as the “E36 Guru” around the office. If you happen to have a question regarding the E36 chassis, Max will almost always have an answer.

With prime examples of both an E39 M5 and E46 M3 leading the list of cars that he has owned, it is clear that Max has an excellent taste in enthusiast BMW’s. However, Max has also made a few questionable automotive purchases in the pursuit of more seat time in his track car. From buying an old Suburban to tow his M3 to and from the track, to picking up a $1000 beater E36 to fill the role as his daily driver. Max effectively purchased two vehicles and a trailer to have the resources necessary to take his M3 to more HPDE’s. While I appreciate getting out on track as much as the next guy, I would be lying if I said I would make the same sacrifices that Max has to get there. Max is a diehard enthusiast.

I doubt there are many people out there that would be willing to sacrifice a gorgeous M5 to help cover the cost of further modifying their track project. Well, at least I thought that was the case until Max showed me the listing for his recently sold and incredibly pristine E39. On the last track day he attended, Max’s M3 suffered from a catastrophic engine failure due to oil starvation, leaving the original S52 motor damaged beyond repair. Faced with the decision to either park the car and work on it as resources allowed, or sell his M5 to fund the S54 swap he’s always dreamed of, Max’s devotion to his track build led him to go with the latter.

At this point, I could see how Max’s passion for cars translated perfectly into his role at APEX. With his vast track knowledge and experience mixed with his desire to fulfill a more significant role in the BMW community, Max has been able to fully take advantage of his skillset on the APEX team. Surrounded by a group of like-minded individuals that share similar passions, Max is always willing to share his expertise to help educate those around him. If you happen to see Max at your local California track, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with him. You might end up learning something new.

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