APEX 18" SM-10 Porsche Group Buy

New APEX 18″ Porsche Wheels

APEX is proud to introduce its new line of Porsche wheels expected to arrive in September. For the last eight months, APEX has been working directly with the Porsche community to fill current market voids and develop a proper track wheel. We’re producing a wheel solution that can withstand the severe abuse seen on track or street.


Product Details

SM-10 Possible Finishes
APEX 18" SM-10 Porsche Group Buy

Race Silver Anthracite Satin Black


SM-10 Possible Finishes
APEX 18" SM-10 Porsche Group Buy

Profile 1 Profile 2 Profile 3


SM-10 Specifications

Diameter Bolt Pattern Center Bore
18″ 5x130mm 71.6mm
Width Offset Approx. Weight Face Profile MSRP
8.5″ +42mm (ET42) ~20.6 lbs 1 $409
8.5″ +50mm (ET50) ~20.0 lbs 1 $409
9.0″ +46mm (ET46) ~21.0 lbs 1 $414
10.0″ +36mm (ET36) ~22.3 lbs 2 $434
11.0″ +60mm (ET60) ~22.4 lbs 2 $449
11.0″ +36mm (ET36) ~22.8 lbs 3 $449
12.0″ +65mm (ET65) ~23.7 lbs 2 $464
12.0″ +45mm (ET45) ~23.7 lbs 3 $464

SM-10 Features

Knurled Bead
Keep a true balance
We’ve upgraded these wheels to include a knurled bead seat to reduce unwanted tire rotation. This added feature will help keep your balance stay more true throughout the life of the tire.

Brake Clearance
A lot of room in a tight space
Spoke clearance is only half the problem. The barrel construction on a wheel also needs to be big enough to clear the sides of your caliper and rotor. Many aftermarket wheels that have aesthetic compromises in their design may work with smaller stock brakes, or smaller diameter big brake kits, but the larger kits will pose a major problem. Targeted at the serious performance-minded owner, 18” SM-10 wheels clear up to 380mm rotor, 6-piston brake kits including the factory PCCB’s.

I” Beam Spokes
More than just a pretty face
The spokes of the SM-10 were designed to be robust where they need to be, and extra lightweight where they should be. Weight is reduced by CNC machining material out from the sides of each spoke. It’s expensive and avoided by almost every manufacturer, but affordable with volume. In each concavity profile of our SM-10 design, the I-beam spokes are carefully evaluated from structural aspects to ensure minimal weight, brake clearance, and remarkable strength.

Beefier Lip
Ready for more abuse
By saving weight elsewhere, we’ve added extra material where it counts. We’re beefing up the barrel’s inner lip on the SM-10 to better handle the repetitive abuse seen on the track.

Testing & Certifications
We break a lot of wheels
Computer simulated stress tests are no match for real world testing when designing a lightweight wheel that will see extreme loads. All APEX wheels are crush and load tested to exceed JWL standards and those results are independently tested and certified in Japan by the 3rd party government agency known as the VIA. Countless wheel companies falsely claim they are tested and certified by the VIA, and so they lack the certificates to prove it. We test and certify each and every design, diameter, width, and offset, separately.