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Premium Custom JRZ Coilover Kits

Why Buy: Custom JRZ RS TWO Coilover Kits

At the highest levels of motorsport, where the difference between first and second place is a matter of tenths of a second, it all comes down to making sure every single component is performing at a high level. If your opponent has a better setup than you do, the playing field is not level, thus requiring more out of you as a driver to close the gap. Ensuring your car is setup perfectly is heavily dependent on the suspension system you choose. You do not want to leave any of the adjustment up to chance. Enter the RS TWO, a high gas pressure double adjustable twin tube damper, without the use of an external reservoir from JRZ. The RS TWO damper is a product of decades of experience in gas hydraulic damper and suspension design, applied to race cars ranging from Formula 1, Indy Car, Grand Touring, and Trans Am. JRZ combines this with a thorough knowledge of vehicle dynamics of a variety of modern racing cars. The RS TWO kit will deliver an extraordinary performance upgrade over the stock units and a large upgrade over a single adjustable coilover system. The RS TWO offers exceptionally high performance for track […]

Premium Custom JRZ Coilover Kits

Why Buy: Custom JRZ RS ONE Coilover Kits

When you are tuning your car for the track or the street there are a few essential modifications you can make that will vastly improve its performance and the handling dynamics. One of the best ways to transform a car would be through choosing the right suspension system. Suspension tuning can be complicated, and it can often be hard to determine the proper suspension for your needs. The first step in this process should be setting up a realistic expectation for your build. It can be appealing to jump directly into a 2-way or 3-way adjustable suspension for the most drastic change. However, what most people don’t realize is, a single adjustable system offers a wide range of benefits, not only from a cost perspective but a maintenance perspective as well. The JRZ RS ONE has a much longer service interval between rebuilds when compared to the 2-way or 3-way options. This is more cost-effective and convenient for the driver who is not running a full racing season. The RS-TWO and above kits will require more consistent maintenance to continue at their maximum potential. The RS ONE features height and rebound adjustment, where the compression valving has been preset by […]

Kachel Motor Company Porsche 987 Cayman Race Car with APEX SM-10 Wheels

Kachel Motor Company’s Gentleman Racer

Kachel Motor Company is back at it again, this time unleashing their 987 Cayman shop car known as “The Gentleman Racer” out onto the newly repaved roads of Club Motorsports in Tamworth, New Hampshire. Club Motorsports is a 2.5 mile track that carves through acres of wooded terrain, featuring dramatic changes in elevation and 15 turns through scenery epic enough to distract the most focused of drivers. Diverting your attention back to the subject of our photoshoot – the machine, KMC’s Gentleman Racer is equipped with top notch performance and safety components which have been either fabricated in-house or handpicked from some of the industry’s leading parts manufacturers. In addition to other Porsche models commonly found on the race track, Tim and his team are intimately familiar with all generations of the Cayman platform and prepare them for a wide range of enthusiasts from street car to competitive race car. After consulting with the client to understand their personal goals for the car, performance and budgetary needs, and their experience behind the wheel, KMC’s goal is to deliver their clients a well performing machine with an emphasis on reliability and safety. You’ll find the Gentleman Racer wearing a staggered set […]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale at APEX Race Parts

2019 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are here! This year to give thanks to our loyal customers we’re offering stellar discounts across all of our popular lightweight flow formed wheels, premium wheel hardware, and custom JRZ suspension packages. In addition, you can save big and be among the first to receive our new fully forged BMW wheels which feature significantly higher load ratings, paintless knurled beads and premium finish options. Sale begins Wednesday, Nov. 27th and runs through Monday, Dec. 2nd.   *Free shipping in the continental U.S. only*. Deals end Monday, December 2nd at 11:59pm pacific.