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The Perfect 17” BMW E36 and E36 M3 Fitment

APEX ARC-8, 17X9” ET42 This is by far the most popular wheel set up for E36 and E36 M3 owners looking for a wide track, autocross, or street fitment for their cars. There are a few reasons this is “The Perfect 17” E36 Fitment”: wheels and tires are generally much less expensive than 18″, the wheels and tires are lighter, and they can fit big brakes*.

APEX EC-7 — New Concave Fitment for the E36

This is our E36 M3 project car that participates in local Nasa Norcal TT events. Modifications include JRZ RS Dual Adjustable coilovers, Ground Control camber plates and sway bars, and many other modifications to prepare for time trial sessions at the track. For NASA TT it runs our 17×9″ ET42 Satin Black ARC-8 wheels with 255/40/17 Nitto NT01 R-Compound tires. This is a brand new, spacer free, concave fitment that is a new offering from APEX: 18×9″ ET31 front wheel and 18×9.5″ ET43 rear wheel. E36 M3 with Concave EC-7s

APEX at the Track – Thunderhill, 04/14/12

APEX was at the NASA Race Weekend at Thunderhill in Willows, CA on April 14th and 15th. In addition to the Apex/Edge team there were other BMWs running APEX ARC-8s. Some in HPDE and some racing in TT and the sprint races. We tried to get pictures of them all but we were so busy preparing or driving our cars some of them got away without getting captured in our camera. I counted 4 cars in HPDE 4 with ARC-8s including mine. Funny, we noticed that we were running the narrowest setup in the group and that was a little upsetting ;). Purple, Stock, and Fast