E90 M3 Track Car with APEX Wheels

Phil’s E90 M3 Track Car with 18” SM-10 Wheels

APEX: Tell us some details about yourself & your car.

Phil: My name is Phil Kim and I reside in Burbank, California. I race a 2011 BMW E90 M3 ZCP in Jet Black (#86). I am sponsored by JMP Autowerkz, Motorsport Hardware and Brotex Motorsports. Aside from my obvious obsession with track car activities, my favorite things to do are spending time with my family and having a quality cigar and drink with my friends.


APEX: What is your track day wheel setup?

Current Square Setup:
– APEX 18×10” ET25 SM-10 Wheels in Race Silver
– 285/645/18 Pirelli DH scrubs all around
– Motorsport Hardware studs
– 5mm spacers

Previous Square Setup:
– APEX 18×10” ET25 ARC-8 Wheels in Matte Bronze
– Variety of tires (R1S, RS3, RC1, NT01, etc.)


APEX: Why did you choose APEX Wheels over the rest?

Phil: APEX is the best overall wheel company out there for the combination of quality, strength, weight, design and price. I appreciate their effort to consistently bring better products to the market. They also provide the BEST customer service especially with their 50% replacement program – if I damage a wheel, I can return it and pay half price for a new one!


APEX: What other modifications have been done to your car?

– KW Clubsport (changed spring rates and no helpers in the front for better tire fitment for this known hassle)

Power Modifications:
– MS Stage 2 Intake
– Test Pipes
– R1 Motorsports Exhaust
– Epic Tune

– Stoptech Trophy STR40 Fronts
– Endless N05u Pads

– Trackspec Motorsports Hood Vents
– CF Sunroof Delete Panel
– GT4 Lip
– Custom APR Front Splitter Chassis Mounted
– APR GT250 61″ Rear Wing
– Fancy Wide Diffuser
– All kindz of stickerz!

– Sweidit Alcantara Wheel
– M5 Shift Knob

– Z4M Size Battery


APEX: How did you get into track racing & for how long?

Phil: I started tracking my car in 2012 for a few autocross events with the BMW CCA when I purchased a base F30 328i. From there, I took to the Streets of Willow for my first road course experience and it was a lot more challenging and fun — and of course got addicted. Fast forward a year or so and I purchased my current E90 M3. I Initially drove it on track bone stock for a handful events and then picked up dedicated track wheels/tires (EC-7 with RS-3 tires) and suspension. I went through a year’s worth of car control practice on empty tracks. I started setting goals for myself to become better as a driver first (not focusing on lap times until recently) and eventually participating in Bimmer Challenge.


APEX: What is your favorite memory or entertaining story from the track?

Phil: My first time at Laguna Seca really stands out, it’s just an awesome place to camp and drive to. Buttonwillow has also created a few memorable moments…

Off on bus stop into a small pond:

Mini barrel roll catching air:


APEX: How many events do you participate in each year, care to share any track results?

Phil: I used to attend 1 or 2 track events a month, but now I try to go at least once a month. Some of my personal best times include Buttonwillow 13 CW (1:53.6), Autoclub Speedway (1:49.4), first time at Laguna Seca (1:40.8) and Chuckwalla on street tires before aero mods (2:03.6).


APEX: If you could give one tip to a new racer, what would your tip be?

Phil: Try to build your skills up faster than building the car up. Focus on improving car control and not lap times.


APEX: Where can we follow you?

Phil: You can follow me on Instagram @m3number86


APEX: Do you have any clubs, shops or racing buddies you want to give a shout out to?

Phil: Big thanks to JMP Autowerkz, Motorsport Hardware, Brotex Motorsports, Speed Predictions, S&S and BKK.