JRZ RS One for the BMW E92 M3

Product Review: JRZ RS One for the BMW E92 M3

My name is Ken Yip (@kppy86) and I picked up my JRZ RS One suspension kit for my E92 M3 track car through a group buy hosted by APEX on GangUp.com. I’d highly recommend this package to anybody who is hesitant to join in the next group buy.


For ~20 track days with my car, I kept running the stock EDC suspension. I thought it was pretty good – it is. However, I started really pushing the car and started to find myself riding on the bump stops all the time. While on track, this meant the car was extremely twitchy – use the whole track on corner exit would mean the rear end would snap out on me very quickly and the car took quite some time to get settled between turns. I finally decided to join the group buy when I got feedback from coaches that I either need to adapt to the soft stock suspension or upgrade.

It is a night-and-day difference between my stock suspension and the JRZ system. Where apex and corner exit curbing would upset my stock suspension, the JRZ RS One shocks simply soak it all up, letting me focus on driving. At Laguna Seca, I’m still working my way to figuring out the increased capabilities. It’s already become very evident that I can be more aggressive in turns 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, and 10 now.

On my past E46 M3, I had the popular Koni Yellow + springs setup. I hated it, as it ruined the car and driving over any bumps felt like I was going to tear my car’s frame. On my E92 M3 with JRZ RS One, the quality of a true high-end shock is clear. I have stiffer springs and components than my E46 M3, but with the shocks set between 1-3 clicks for street, it is noticeably stiffer than the Koni setup, but I don’t fear the car falling apart.

This is where the quality shines – it’s not just a full-stiff setup that can keep the car on track. It can soak up bumps both on and off-track to maximize grip while giving the confidence of fast response. Some people think you need a back-breaking ultra stiff feel to go fast, I disagree. It feels cool once in a while, but if often means you’re losing contact patch with the ground.

I’ve attended 2 SpeedSF HPDEs so far with the new JRZ suspension. Street mile wise, it’s mostly been driving to/from tracks and maintenance as I don’t daily drive this car. My guess is ~600 street miles since the install in early December.

Thunderhill East bypass on 12/15/2018 was a very wet day. Couldn’t set a proper lap time with traffic and the rain, so my best was 2:07.38 with a virtual best of 2:01.63. (HLT) I will be back on the 13th of this month to get some proper sessions!

Laguna Seca on 12/30/2018 was my first real chance to test it out. Ran a 1:42.48, ~2.5 seconds faster than my prior PB. Had Joe, one of the coaches drive my car for a few laps and he set a 1.41.32, giving me good feedback on the setup and indicated that 1:40 or below is possible with more adaptation to the car. (using Waylens 10 Hz GPS)


Track Wheel Setup

APEX 18×10” EC-7 Wheels
275/35/18 Nitto NT01 Tires


Street Wheel Setup

18×9.5” ET22 SM-10 Wheels
265/35/18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires

18×10.5” ET22 SM-10 Wheels
285/35/18 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires



JRZ RS One Suspension
– Hyperco 550/800 Springs w/ Front Helper Springs
– Ground Control Rear Weight Jacks & Race Camber Plates (-3.5 F)
– Rotora 6p/380mm & 4p/355mm BBK with PMU 999 Pads
– Dinan Front Sway Bar
– Dinan Front Control Arm Monoballs
– BMW M Performance Exhaust v2 (passes sound check!)
– CSF Oil Cooler, Radiator and Power Steering Coolers
– Slon Workshop Baffled DCT Oil Pan
– ESS ECU Tune
– BMW GTS/Euro DCT Tune
– Vibra-Technics Fast Road Engine Mounts