APEX Porsche Track Wheels

Stay Balanced With a Knurled Bead

When considering modifications that will enhance your track weekend’s success and safety, the modifications that cannot be seen are ones that often make the largest difference. Everything must work in unison to properly and effectively utilize your chassis, suspension, and wheel & tire combination. Tire slippage upsets this balance, and is most commonly experienced when lateral and longitudinal torque is applied to the tires under loads seen on track. On our Porsche APEX SM-10 wheels, we’ve included a knurled bead seat to reduce unwanted tire rotation.


This machined knurling throughout the wheel’s barrel increases friction between the wheel and tire to combat excessive tire slippage and maintain a true balance. Braking deep into a corner, bouncing off berms at the apex, and applying throttle at corner exit all apply enough tire load to cause unwanted tire slippage. Seeing as the tires are the sole contact patch, maintaining a true tire balance is of utmost importance to ensure your Porsche is operating at its fullest potential.

On most all track applications, tires are prone to one full rotation or more during a track session. Modern day Porsche suspension geometry, aerodynamics, and chassis characteristics provide superior grip, and therefore, increased tire load and heightened chance of tire slippage. Combat unwanted tire rotation by utilizing the SM-10’s knurled bead. Arrive at your track weekend with perfectly balanced tires, leave your track weekend with perfectly balanced tires.



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