5th Gen Camaro with 19" ARC-8 Wheels

Test Fitment: New 19” ARC-8 Camaro Specific Wheels

Our first Camaro specific sample wheels have finally arrived! We didn’t waste any time mounting them on our friend Andrew’s 5th Gen Camaro SS. The new wheels feature a Camaro specific 67.1mm hub centric design and we’ve upgraded these wheels to include a knurled bead seat to reduce unwanted tire rotation. For this test fitment, we went with a wide, direct bolt-on 11” square fitment providing plenty of room for the large 6 piston Brembo brakes. The fit was flush as expected for this chassis, but with the addition of the Z/28 fender flares on this specific build – we would recommend a small spacer in the rear for aesthetic purposes. Cars that do not run flares should not use a spacer.



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Wheel Setup

19×11″ ET11 ARC-8 in Anthracite
305/30/19 Bridgestone RE71R

19×11″ ET43 ARC-8 in Anthracite
305/30/19 Bridgestone RE71R


Car Owner: @ls3andy