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Why Buy: Custom JRZ RS ONE Coilover Kits

When you are tuning your car for the track or the street there are a few essential modifications you can make that will vastly improve its performance and the handling dynamics. One of the best ways to transform a car would be through choosing the right suspension system. Suspension tuning can be complicated, and it can often be hard to determine the proper suspension for your needs. The first step in this process should be setting up a realistic expectation for your build. It can be appealing to jump directly into a 2-way or 3-way adjustable suspension for the most drastic change. However, what most people don’t realize is, a single adjustable system offers a wide range of benefits, not only from a cost perspective but a maintenance perspective as well.

The JRZ RS ONE has a much longer service interval between rebuilds when compared to the 2-way or 3-way options. This is more cost-effective and convenient for the driver who is not running a full racing season. The RS-TWO and above kits will require more consistent maintenance to continue at their maximum potential. The RS ONE features height and rebound adjustment, where the compression valving has been preset by the experts at JRZ using a baseline setting for each chassis that it was designed for. This will take any “guesswork” out of the entire setup process. The RS ONE kit will deliver an extraordinary performance upgrade over the stock units and a large upgrade over an off the shelf “strut and lowering spring” package. For the majority of users, the RS ONE offers exceptionally high performance for track applications, while also managing to feel at home on a commute or your favorite local back road.

This damper offers a fantastic level of corrosion resistance, stellar adjustability, and the unique JRZ valving design. Pairing this high-end damper with the likes of HyperCo and Ground Control offers an unparalleled package in both value and performance. By working alongside these industry leaders, we have developed a tiered system that was designed to provide a precise range of options for every enthusiast. From the daily driven car, that sees occasional track use, to the most hardcore enthusiast who plans to spend most of their time on the track, we have made selecting your spring rates as simple as possible. Our team of product experts are always available to provide advice on your setup. We are here to help you choose the perfect setup for your application. To top it all off, there is no need to wait for your suspension package to be built and shipped from the Netherlands, as we have a large selection of dampers, camber plates, and spring rates currently in stock and readily available in our own US warehouse.

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