Pontiac GTO Test Fitment at APEX Race Parts

Wide Body GTO Test Fitment

We first met Austin at SEMA this past year while walking around the impressive lineup of Optima Ultimate Streetcars that had come into town for the final event of the year. After some discussion back and forth, he expressed interest in running a set of our wheels for the 2020 campaign. However, it quickly became apparent that this would not be the typical GTO fitment, as massive brakes and fender flares stared us straight in the face.

When working with unusual fitments, talking on the phone and exchanging specs can only go so far. Austin had the luxury of living only a few miles from our shop so it was an easy decision to have him come on down and try things out in person. His current 10” wide wheels were having a difficult time clearing the CTS-V calipers so large spacers were being used. As with all of our wheels, brake clearance is a top priority. We were able to increase the width a full inch at every corner of the car all while reducing the spacer thickness in nearly half, this time only needed due to the extreme widths. 18x11s on a GTO? Yes sir!

While this is not a direct bolt-on application, it highlights the importance of testing fitting wheels before committing to a setup. Unfortunately not everyone is able to test wheels, so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our fitment experts via phone at (925) 245-0773 or email to sales@apexraceparts.com.